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Welcome to CJITS Alumni

                        We extend our hearty congratulations and welcome you to the CJITS Alumni Association.An Alumni Association, Christu Jyoti Institute of Technologies and Sciences(CJITS) has been formed by the students of the college. Now, they can get in touch with the college Whenever they want to, and from wherever they are. The main idea behind this is “Sharing is caring”. Sharing the latest happenings in the college to the students. All the out-going students are the members of the Association. The annual alumni get-together, enable all of them to refresh the memories of their college days. Reminiscing has never been so easy. “Alumni” is a generic term that describes all those who have spent time studying at a particular institution, but for us it is more than just a definition. It is a lifetime relationship with continued interest, interaction and involvement with one’s Alma mater. CJITS Alumni Association offers numerous ways that you can stay connected with your fellow graduates, and the institute, and benefit from a variety of privileges, such as activities, events, professional and educational seminars, new programs of study, career options and networking opportunities. You may simply join our Association, and remember to update your contact data, so that we can keep you informed. We have taken justifiable pride in the achievements of our graduates, whether in the academia or in the labor market, in India and abroad, and we hope that you will continue this fine tradition, of more than 6,000 alumni.

Vision of Alumni

Alumni Vision

The CJITS Alumni Association was set up with a goal of making a long term commitment to the fraternity; make a means to entice members. it is set to serve and support our alumni through services, information, that address their professional, education and social needs because we know our graduates have been an integral part of our past, present and future success.

Join Alumni

Why Join CJITS Alumni Association

  • To strengthen your career options and help build the career success of others by meeting fellow alumni.
  • To connect with the best in virtually every field while sharing your experience and expertise with peers and future alumni’s.
  • Getting to know your fellow alumni easily than ever connect and share and expand your affiliations and opportunities nurturing the young ones.
  • To seek and find better career options and possible recruitment requirements of fellow alumni in good positions.
  • To take lead and mentor current students, no matter where you are and where you stand in life today you can share your accomplishments and connections to help, guide the students in their career pursuits.
  • Knowing of genuine requirements of the institute and extending help to achieve the same through contributions.
  • Adoption of poor/ economically backward students.
  • Infrastructure development of institute in memory of alumni.