CJITS is the College to engage students of uncommon promise in an intense full-time education of their minds, exploration of their creative faculties and development of their social and leadership abilities, in a four-year course of study and residence that concludes with a baccalaureate degree in the liberal arts.

☞To equip students with sound technical knowledge and skill.

☞To be a pioneer in Technical Education programmes and related services of the highest quality and standards of excellence to meet the demands of Industry and society at large.

☞To offer an educational program with a plethora of innovative concepts, for creating a host of talented professionals.

☞Foster an open student-oriented culture and perhaps even more important, an understanding of students, their needs, goals and aspirations.

About Our Director

Name : Fr.T.Augustine Reddy

D.O.B : Nov 2nd 1963,at Marayapuram,Shabad.R.R District.

Priest : April 13,1993,at Marayapuram,Shabad.R.R District.

1.Worked as principal and correspondent of Bishop Beruata High School, Warangal.

2.Worked as principal and correspondent of St.Paul’s High School,Jangaon.

3.Both School Achieved State Ranks as a Principal.

4.Member of Warangal Diocesan Society,fatimanagar,Warangal.

Goals and Objectives

1.To Provide good Education in rural Areas

2.To bring out the talent from the students from the rural back ground

3.To Provide good Education in rural AreasPromoting good values and making them to practicing for the development for College , Family and Society

Voice Of Our Director   

                       Every institution has its own identity conducive to the acquisition of relevant knowledge and all round mental development. The most important characteristic of CJITS is not that it physically educates the young for professions but the intellectual preparation the students undergo to meet the forthcoming challenges inherent in their aspirations. It spares no efforts to foster the virtues of self-confidence, institutional pride and professional excellence.
                                                           The faculty of CJITS, consisting of an excellent panel of experienced persons, is ever ready to teach, help and guide the students along the road to achievements. Two gold medals and 8 university ranks secured bear witness to it.

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right  ~Henry