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The B.Tech. degree course in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Chrstu Jyoti , Buils a strong foundation in physical and mathematical sciences as well as computational methods. In addition to offering common core subjects, the course also covers basic concepts such as analog systems, digital systems, communication systems as well as advanced concepts such as signal and image processing and microwaves, antennas and propagation.

B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering opens a gate of opportunities in both government and private organisations.

You will read more about electricity production generation transferring and full of circuits and also electronics devices .it also includes some mechanical papers like solid and fluid mechanics.applied thermodynamics and electrical machines and electromagnetic theory.

The field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering engages in the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism and has resulted in significant inventions ranging from the radio and television to laser and fiber optics.

Graduates in Electrical and Electronics Engineering are drivers of technological change and innovation in engineering-based industries.

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Electrical and electronic engineering is the broadest and most dynamic of all engineering. It covers everything from micron-scale transistors to macro-scale network systems. This is a major sector in Singapore’s economy. In 2011, Electronics industry contributed an output of S$86.1 billion and employed more than 82,000 workers.

Your future career options span a wide range of industries – from aerospace and biomedical industries to robotics and microelectronics sectors, and much more.

The Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (DEEE) will prepare you to be a competent and a much sought after technologist to meet the challenges of a very fast-moving industry.


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