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Electrical Machines-I Lab (Department of EEE II-B.Tech II-Sem)

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List of Experiments:
1.Magnetization characteristics of DC shunt generator. Determination of critical field resistance and critical speed.

2.Load test on DC Shunt Generator. Determination of characteristics.

3.Load test on Dc series Generator .Determination of characteristics

4.Load test on Dc Compound Generator .Determination of characteristics

5.Hopkinson’s test on Dc Shunt generator .predermination of Efficiency

6.Field’s test on Dc series machines. predermination of Efficiency

7.Swinburne’s test And Speed Control of DC shunt motor .predermination of Efficiency

8.Brake test on DC Compound motor. Determination of performance curves.

9.Brake test on DC Shunt motor. Determination of performance curves

10.Separation of losses in DC shunt motor.