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Electrical Measurements Lab(Department of EEE IV-B.Tech I-Sem)

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List of Experiments:

1.Calibration and Testing of single phase energy Meter.

2.Measurement of 3phase reactive power with single wattmeter.

3.Schering Bridge & Anderson Bridge.

4.Measurement of 3phase power with single wattmeter and 2 No’s of C.T.

5.Measurement of parameters of a choke coil using 3voltmeter and3 ammeter methods.

6.Kelvin’s double Bridge-Measurement of resistance-Determination of Tolerance.

7.Calibration of dynamometer power factor meter.

8.Resistance strain gauge-strain measurements and Calibration.

9.LVDT and capacitance pickup- characteristics and Calibration.

10.Calibration LPF wattmeter- by Phantom testing.