Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Department has been nurtured by some of the best minds of this century. Being the pioneer, and the most sought after branch of engineering Electronics & Communication Engineering forms the foundation for other disciplines like Computer Science, IT, Communications. Keeping in view the worldwide popularity of these branches and its apparently perceptible applicability in myriad other spheres.

CJITS ECE department

About Department

The Department of Electronics and Communication had been functioning since the inception of the institute in the year 1998. The total student intake of the department is presently 120. The department has being produced highly professional and competitive engineers by infusing greater quality and content into the curriculum and educating the students with appropriate skills suitable for a rapid changing industrial scenario.We proud to say that our department is blessed with highly qualified skilled, dedicated and experienced faculty & supporting staff.The faculty members are being nominated as incharges for various classes and laboratories of department.Student feedback is obtained every semester and the faculty is informed about the performance for rectification of deficiencies and improvements.Thesyllabus is designed to meet the requirement of the modern industries. Problem solving is given a prominent place. Laboratory equipment is regularly updated. It is our commitment to continuously strive for imparts high quality education and training to our students, so that they are moulded into competent professionals.

Dr.Sreeja Mole S S

            B.Tech., M.Tech., Ph.D.


Department Vision:

1.Overall personality development of student in Time with Industry need.

2.To Impart theoretical and practical technical education of high standard through our experienced staff.


Department Mission:

1.To Facilitate Young engineers to acquire technical exposure in the areas of Electronics and communication Engineering.

2.Establish a school of electronics a center of excellence

3.Develop leadership qualities among the students

4.Promote industry and Institution interaction.

cjits ece

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering forms the foundation for other disciplines like Computer Science, IT, Communications and it has a unique position in the area of Technologies.

In all its programs, it has managed to acquire the right mix of computers, telecommunications, and VLSI which is contributing to the growth of Electronics.

ece cjits
S.NoName of the Faculty MemberQualificationYear of GradationDesignation
1Dr.Sreeja Mole S SPh.D2011Professor
2Dr.M. MuraliPh.D2015Professor
3B.ArunalathaM.Tech2012Associate Professor
4D.RitafariaM.Tech2012Associate Professor
5T.SaibabaM.Tech2009Associate Professor
6D.V Rajeshwar RajuM.Tech2013Associate Professor
7S.SwathiM.Tech2016Assistant Professor
8K.HarikrishnaM.Tech2010Assistant Professor
9D.GurunathM.Tech2015Assistant Professor
10A.Vinay KumarM.Tech2013Assistant Professor
11S. SamyukthaM.Tech2017Assistant Professor
12P.ThirupathiM.Tech2015Assistant Professor
13Minhaz SultanaM.Tech2015Assistant Professor
14D.SravaniM.Tech2014Assistant Professor
15B.Santosh KumarM.Tech2012Assistant Professor
16A.Rajitha ReddyM.Tech2010Assistant Professor
17M.SunithaM.Tech2010Assistant Professor
18R.RameshM.Tech2014Assistant Professor
19B.ParemeshwariM.Tech2015Assistant Professor
20T.SnehithM.Tech2015Assistant Professor
21L.NarishmuluM.Tech2014Assistant Professor
22G.KumaraswamyM.Tech2011Assistant Professor
23M.SrujanaM.Tech2015Assistant Professor

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