Enough rooms for lectures (core/electives), seminars, tutorials, etc for the program. There are   Seven Class rooms, 1 Seminar Room, 5 Laboratory rooms and 2 tutorial rooms are existing under the department of CSE. Each class room is accommodating 60 students with necessary multimedia items like LCD projectors on required basis.

  • All the classrooms are equipped with teaching aids like Green glass boards, students sitting benches, fans, tube lights, table and chair for faculty.
  • LCD Projectors are used to deliver video clips and PPT presentations in seminar hall as on required basis.
  • Class rooms are provided for excellent audible environment.
  • All the classrooms are well equipped with required amenities like sufficient lighting & air circulation with fans as well as good conditioned benches with 2 capacities etc.
  • Each class room is provided with a door for entry and exit.
  • The lecture halls are located in pollution free and traffic free serene green environment.
  • Green Glass Board is clearly visible from all corners of the room.