Lab Facilities

1C & DS LabN.Chandra kala
2C++ Lab
N.Uma Rani
3CN & OS LabK.Shireesh/K.Meena
4LP & DMDW LabB.Srinivas
5 WT & CD LabK.Shireesh/K.Meena
7STM & CASE TOOLS LabK.Raja Sheker
8DBMS LabS.Prasanna Laxmi

C Programming Lab

To make the student learn a programming language. To teach the student to write programs in C solve the problems.

Advanced Data Structures Lab

To Introduce the student to simple linear and non linear data structures such as lists, stacks, queues, trees and graphs.

Web Technologies Lab

This lab is used for learning web technologies and building applications using the current web technologies.

Operating Systems Lab

Students use the resources available in this lab to learn the concepts of Operating Systems.

Advanced English Communication Skills Lab

we have Advanced Remote Monitoring facility, which enables the teacher to moniter all the students through a master console.

UNIX and Shell Programming Lab

To teach students various unix utilities and shell scripting Recommended Systems/Software Requirements.