CJITS is creating value with Constructive thought and innovative approach.To become an engineer one need to have a strong foundation in the basics of Science & Technology and the Zeal to excel in the most difficult Circumstances.

Christu Jyoti Institute of Technology & Sciences,a christian minority Institutional,providing best Quality Education to the students in a peaceful atmosphere.To be an agent of change through transformation learning, welcoming students from rural backgrounds where few have entered Technical Education and emphasizing the importance of values along side the utility of knowledge.

LOCATION : CJITS is located little away from and Pollution of Jangaon town on the way to historical Warangal city.The college is well connected by rail and road ( Hyderabad-Aleru-Jangaon-Stn.ghanpur -Warangal ). It is spread over 50 acres of land with a variety of facilities for holistic development of student community.


Christu Jyoti Institute of Technology,
Jangaon town,
Telangana 506167.


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