Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering is a challenging and exciting subject that effects nearly all aspects of our lives and  strives to be renowned globally for quality education and research which leading to well-qualified engineers, entrepreneurs, and successful in sophisticated areas of engineering and research.



About Department

The Department of Mechanical Engineering traversed the path of knowledge dissemination and generation as well as delivering many a Mechanical Engineering graduates to the Nation. These programs are well suitable for those who wish to pursue careers as professional engineers in industry or research laboratories and also for those who aim is to become entrepreneurs. Over these  glorious years, it has carved a niche for itself in the key areas of teaching, research, consultancy, administration and community services. The Department of Mechanical Engineering prioritize the necessary revamping of Mechanical Engineering education, which is driven primarily by dynamics of technological advances and sustainable development and with active involvement of industry, alumni, research organizations and other stakeholders.


                B.Tech, M.Tech.


Our main vision is to provide you with knowledge and flexibility to enable you to play a leading role in the creation of technology of 21st century.


Our mission is to encourage and enhance technical capability and professional well being of our members through quality programs and activities in mechanical engineering.

SNODESIGNATION/NUMBERSNumber OF Faculty in the Department for both UG & PG
2Associate Professor4
3Assistant Professor18
4Number of Ph.D.3

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