Faculty Profile 

C.J.IT.S. Staff Quarters,
Colombonagar, Yeshwanthapur,
pcreddy@cjits.org, poorna1432006@gmail.com
Poorna Chandra Reddy
Assoc.Prof .& Head



☀ Protecting Federal Systems From Advanced Threats .

☀Cloud Computing Cost Free Technology Today & Tomorrow.

☀Slicing: Privacy Protecting Data Publishing Using L Diversity Algorithm

☀A Self-Configurable New Generation Child Tracking System Based On Rfid,Gps And Android Mobile Terminals.

☀Excellent Manner Of Using Secure Way Of Data Storage In Cloud Computing.


☀Best Faculty Award in 2006 (S.R.T.I.S.T, Nalgonda).

☀“MISSION 10X” workshop certification from WIPRO , Jan- 2009.

☀NBA co-coordinator for CSE Department in CJITS.

☀ISO co-coordinator for CSE Department in CJITS.

☀Prepared ITWORK SHOP Lab Manual for Ist Year B.Tech students.

☀In charge for AICTE web portal.

☀Act as spot valuation Assistant coordinator for past four years.

☀Guided 4 mini projects out of which one got selected in IBM Great Mind Challenges.

☀As the Chairperson of Disciplinary Committee, solved many issues without any Complications.