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Power Electronics & Simulation Lab (Department of EEE III-B.Tech II-Sem)

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List of Experiments:
1.Study of characteristics of SCR, MOSFET and IGBT.

2.Single phase A.C voltage controller with R & RL loads

3.DC Jones chopper with R and RL Loads

4.Single Phase Parallel, inverter with R and RL loads

5.Single phase series inverter with R & RL loads

6.Study of gate firing circuits of SCR

7.Single phase cycloconverter with R & RL load

8.Forced commutation Circuits (Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D & Class E)

9.1-phase fully controlled converter with R & RL load

10.PSPICE simulation of single phase full converter with RLE load

11.PSPICE simulation of single phase AC voltage controller with RLE load

12.PSPICE simulation of single phase Inverter with PWM control.