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CJITS is strongly committed towards providing quality transportation by maintaining the highest level of safety. The team comprises of experts in the areas of safety, vehicle maintenance, routing and public relations. This makes us confident of providing exceptional services to parents. Our core strength and helps deliver the highest quality of services that cjit offers. A comprehensive vehicle management system is in place supported by regular training programs for our drivers and attendants.
Our mission is to meet the demand for efficient transportation of CJITS students in the Warangal through the purchase of necessary assets  with high quality transport service and to provide safe and efficient transport services to students.


S.No Bus Reg.No Driver Name From To
1 AP28 B 3746 D. Mathais Reddy Hanamkonda Depot X cjits
2 AP36 TA 4788 V. Bal Reddy Hotel Ashoka cjits
Jangaon cjits
3 AP36 TA 4574 MalReddy Adhalath cjits
Janagaon cjits
4 AP24 X 0345 B. Anthony Reddy warangal cjits
5 KA36 4154 G. Vijayanand Reddy cherial cjits
6 AP05 W 4703 D. Show Reddy Bheemaram cjits
7 KA36 4153 B. Anthony Reddy jangaon cjits


S.No Reg.No Type Usage Date of registration
1 AP28 B 3746 Tata College Bus 24/04/2003
2 AP36 TA 4788 Ashok Leyland College Bus 16/09/2004
3 AP36 TA 4574 Tata College Bus 30/12/2011
4 AP24 X 0345 Ashok Leyland College Bus 22/11/2007
5 KA36 4154 Ashok Leyland College Bus 16/09/2004
6 AP05 W 4307 Ashok Leyland College Bus 29/04/2008
7 KA36 4153 Ashok Leyland College Bus 16/09/2004
8 AP 36j1280 Tata Sumo Utility Vehicle 25/03/2004
9 AP36AV3746 Tavera Ambulance MOU with Udumula hospital, Jangaon. 08/01/2014


1 Certificate of fitness
2 Pollution under Control
3 Driver license
4 List of Students/ faculty travelling in this bus
5 Road Tax
6 Insurance
7 Vehicle Permit
8 Vehicle Registration