Warangal Diocesan Society

 Warangal Diocesan Educational Society.

Christu Jyoti Instuite of Technology and Sciences was established under the Chairmanship of Most Rev. Thumma Bala D.D,Former bishop of Warangal and it is owned and managed by Warangal Diocesan Society.
It is a self-financing Catholic Christian Minority institution; a premier technical institute run by Catholic Mission in A.P. Fr. Augusto Colombo (1927-2009) was instrumental in building Christu Jyothi Institute of Technology & Science, which is serving more than 1700 rural engineering students to acquire the required technical skills. It is taking wider shape under the noble guidance of present bishop most Rev. U. Bala D.D who is present and general manager of the college.

Diocese Activities and Organizations

Catholic Social Welfare
Dispensaries: 3
Health Center: 3
Hospitals & Clinics: 5
Leprosaria: 2

Communication Centre Amrutvani:

Director: Bishop Thumma Bala
The diocese publishes a monthly newsletter in English called Fatima Vani
Catholic Educational Institutions

Secondary School: 49
Secondary School – Students: 10,686
Colleges: 9
Colleges – Students: 4,392
Pre-Primary Schools: 7
Pre-Primary Schools – Students: 1,061
Primary School: 67
Primary School – Students: 32,974

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

Adult Education: Director ather A. Raja
Catechetics, Bible & Liturgy: Director: Father M. Jaya
Commission for Youth: Director: Father M.M. Joseph
Communications Commission: Chairman: Bishop Thumma Bala,Father B. Leeno
Evangelization, Ecumenism & Dialogue: Director: Father M. Goa Showraiah
Jyotirmai: Director: Father M. Jaya
Liturgy: Director: Father A Prakash
Medical service: In-Charge: Frs. Raja, S. Bala, Anthonyswamy, N. Bala; Srs. Pauline, Vinaya
Pious Association: Director: Father T. Jerome
Scheduled caste/Tribe & Backward caste: Director: Father Basani Chinnappa
Social development & Justice: Director: Father A. Raja
Other Church Organizations and Associations

Altar Boys Association

Andhra Catholic Association
Apostleship of Prayer
Christian Renewal Movement of India
Holy Childhood
Kolping Society
Legion of Mary
Little Way Association
Nurses Guild
Press & Publicity
St. Vincent De Paul Society
Teachers Guild
Telegus Writers Association
Young Christian Students
Young Christian Workers Movement
Young Christian Workers Movement
Social Communications

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

Commission for Vocation: Director: Father P. Baltha Raj